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About The Howard Academy Trust

Striving for excellence, progress and positive change



Our moral purpose is to make a positive difference to the lives of young people.  


We strive to create a culture of dignity, respect and trust in all our schools


There is no ceiling to achievement for young people. 


All staff have the right to exceptional professional development.


All young people have the right to attend at least a Good school. 

Welcome to Park Crescent Academy

Welcome to the website of Park Crescent Academy which will be opening in a multi million pound academy in the heart of Margate in September 2023.

This website will be updated with information about the academy

curriculum, admissions process and exciting updates in relation to the construction process.  

Latest News

Please check back for the latest news in the build process of Park Crescent Academy. 

Further updates coming soon. 

Kent County Council have appointed The Howard Academy Trust as the sponsor of Park Crescent Academy.  We are very excited to be opening this new school im Margate and look forward to providing an excellent education for children in this area. 

As a Trust we are committed to enhancing the life chances of young people by improving their educational achievement.

We are truly inclusive and aim to establish the highest expectations for young people and all those who work with them.

​To find out more information about The Howard Academy Trust please visit our website by clicking here

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